ABS QUBO Solver Trial


  • QUBO Instances: ABS QUBO solver is designed for solving the Upper Triangular Version of the QUBO. QUBO Instance files must be .csv, .utm, .csv.gz, or .utm.gz (File format).

    • The problem size can be 32 to 32k(32,768) bits due the network bandwidth limitation although ABS QUBO solver can accepts instances with up to 128k (131,072) bits.

    • The word size of each instance matrix element can be 16/32/64 bits.

  • Arithmetic precision: Arithmetic precision can be 32 bits or 64 bits. It is fixed to 64 bits for QUBO instances with 64-bit word size. Regardless of arithmetic precision, energy value is always computed/stored in 64-bit precision. If arithmetic/energy overflow is detected, ABS QUBO solver terminates with a warning message.

    • For higher search performance of ABS QUBO solver, 16-bit QUBO instances and 32-bit arithmetic precision are recommended.

  • RunTime: The maximum running time can be 1 to 100s.

  • Target Energy: If a non-zero target energy is set, ABS QUBO solver terminates when a solution with target energy or smaller is found.

  • Authentication: UserID and Password are required for security reasons. Please request them through Password request page

  • Server Spec:

    • Host: 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6234 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 384GB

    • GPU: 5x NVIDIA RTX A6000, 48GB

ABS QUBO Solver Trial